Random Thoughts From a Black-and-Gold Mind: Dynamic duos, bad behavior and Cincy week edition
/ Steelers

By Bryan Anthony Davis

It’s Bengals week. Typically a time when tempers flare with the white-hot intensity of a Supreme Court confirmation hearing or the Applebee’s customer base upon hearing that the riblet supply has run out. With all of the noise and bulletin board material rising to a fevered pitch, my black-and-gold brain is swirling with the nervous energy surrounding a pregnancy stick test in a college dorm. As always, I will pass the ravings on to you. But first I should really offer up a pumpkin patch of apologies for what and to who found offense with my thoughts last time out.

And now the latest edition of Random Thoughts from a Black-and-Gold Mind.

And finally,

Until next time, I implore you all to offer up $1.29 to the iTune gods and download the ditty that offers hope to the Steelers for the remainder of 2018...Frank Stallone’s Far From Over.

Back in the race I’m movin’ in ‘cause I am getting closer.

I’m diggin’ in

I want it more than anything I’ve wanted.

Save me darlin’

I am down but I am far from over.

Save me darlin’

I am down but I am far from...

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