Preseason is about the process, not the results
/ Buccaneers

By Jon Marchant

As Nat Moore said on the Dolphins broadcast last night, the preseason is the opportunity to work on some things you didn’t do so well at last year. So what did the Buccaneers need to work on?

On Offense, it’s the running game and playcalling. On Defense, everything. Preseason games are basically glorified scrimmages so what we can take away from them isn’t too much, but we can glean a few things.

Offensive coordinator Todd Monken called the plays last night, and I thought he did a really good job. Better than Dirk Koetter in my opinion, if we’re being honest. He mixed in the run and the pass on first downs:

On first downs in the first quarter with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, Monken called five passes and three runs. Fitzpatrick finished 5/5 with 8.66 yards per attempt (ypa) on first downs and 6/8 for 6.9 ypa overall. Monken called two passes before calling running back Peyton Barber’s number on a first down and he ran well; his three carries yielded 5.66 yards per rush (ypr) as a good change-up.

On first downs in the second quarter with Jameis Winston in, Monken called nine passes and two runs. Winston finished 6/8 with 8.5 ypa and one sack on his first down attempts, and 11/13 for 7.8 ypa overall. Ronald Jones III didn’t have a great night behind the Bucs’ patchwork second-team offensive line, and his two first-down rushes went for one yard (a goal-line rush, so to be fair we should factor that out), and a loss for one yard....

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