Preseason 2018: Saints who need to turn it up a notch against Cardinals
/ Saints

By Roy Anderson

The Saints are16 days into training camp and one game is in the Preseason 2018 books. Here are some players that need to turn it up against the Cardinals.

The first preseason game of 2018 is in the books for the New Orleans Saints and the next one is Friday night, in the Superdome, against the Arizona Cardinals. The 24-20 win over the Jaguars last Thursday night wasn’t the prettiest. But the Saints got it done with a comeback from 10 points down in the second half to pull it out.

There were some players who stood out and some players who looked not quite ready for primetime. That’s not to say they won’t be. We’re still in the early stages of preseason and all it takes is a better understanding of the playbook for some of these guys to take the next step.

There are also players working through injuries and starters who aren’t playing because they don’t need to. We know we’ll see the majority of the first-stringers in Week 3 of preseason. But, other than that, me may not see players like Drew Brees or Cameron...

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