Pittsburgh Steelers: Antonio Brown’s restructured contract hurts Le’Veon Bell’s fanbase
/ Steelers

By Noah Strackbein

Antonio Brown jump on the re-sign Le’Veon Bell bandwagon and helped the Pittsburgh Steelers find some extra cap space.

At this point, Le’Veon Bell’s reputation in Pittsburgh is basically dead. Even if the fans, and the team, want him on the field, they don’t want his personality.

The NFL is a business, though, which means Bell is going to get his money. The franchise tag means nothing right now, and despite Bell’s constant complaints about getting paid, the Steelers are doing their part in finding funds for his needs.

Brown’s restructured contract didn’t hurt him. Yes, he gave Pittsburgh $9.7 million in cap space, but he also awarded himself more guaranteed money.

What this did was give Pittsburgh enough money to sign Bell. With upwards of $18 million in free cap room now available, the team has enough space to sign the running back, hopefully with some left over cash.

No one knows the number Bell is looking for, though. Last season, he turned down a $13.3 million a year deal worth $42 million over the first three years. So, the speculations that Bell was looking for somewhere near $14 million a year is still...

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