Philadelphia Eagles: Do Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson top other DT tandems?
/ Eagles

By Geoffrey Knox

Fletcher Cox has long been seen as the man by NFL standards for quite some time, but with the Eagles’ addition of Malik Jackson, how do the two stack up versus the NFL’s best?

Ask around, and you’ll probably get the same answer regardless of who you talk to. In terms of defensive tackles, the Philadelphia Eagles‘ standout, Fletcher Cox, is head and shoulders above the rest of the NFL. Thinking about him being paired with the likes of Timmy Jernigan, if he’s healthy, and newly added Malik Jackson is probably enough to make opposing offensive coordinators lose sleep already.

Yep, Philly’s decision to take ’91’ 12th overall in 2012’s draft definitely paid off. Most see him as the second-best defensive tackle in the league, behind only Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams. Every Eagles fan knows what Jernigan’s skill set is, and anyone who’s seen Jackson in action won’t complain about adding him to the interior of Philly’s defensive line.

The natural reaction is to think about where Philly’s duo of starting defensive tackles (most likely Cox and Jackson) ranks in comparison to the rest of the league. Well, recently, Mike Johnson of Pro Football Focus decided to rank the best starting tandems in pro...

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