Philadelphia 76ers: Boban Marjanovic could be least useful center in playoffs
/ 76ers

By Christopher Kline

The Philadelphia 76ers will need to limit their reliance on Boban Marjanovic in the postseason.

It has been spoken about at great length in the past, but it’s becoming abundantly clear that Boban Marjanovic‘s postseason role will be severely limited for the Philadelphia 76ers. He’s simply too limited in certain scenarios.

Brett Brown has leaned on Boban as Joel Embiid‘s primary backup since the All-Star break, but the 7-foot-3 center has struggled in recent games. His size has advantages, but his inability to defend in space can cripple the Sixers’ defense.

There are theoretical matchups in which Boban has value — with Detroit and Miami representing potential first-round matchups in which Marjanovic could warrant playing time. Even the Nets, who tend to go extremely small, struggled to contain Boban at times last week.

In the postseason, though, teams will engineer their game plan to exploit the Sixers’ greatest weaknesses. That means throwing Boban into as many pick-and-rolls as possible and making a concerted effort to isolate him on the perimeter.

Stretch fives and quicker bigs will carve Boban to pieces, regardless of his overwhelming length and strength. It’s those limitations that will force Brown to adjust, something that has been more prevalent in recent...

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