Perspective | The Redskins showed us nothing. Fortunately for them, neither has the NFC East.
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By redskins writer

This was an opportunity, and Washington was flat incapable of handling it. It’s what this franchise does. The Redskins don’t get out ahead of a season, take a lead in the division and then try to hold on. Not since Gibbs I, at least, and there are adult Washingtonians who don’t remember those days.

Instead, these guys muddle along, almost by definition. They have played the season’s first quarter at 3-1 or better exactly once in the past decade. So that’s exactly what they’re doing following their 43-19 dismantling at the hands of the New Orleans Saints and Brees, the quarterback who marked the occasion by eclipsing Manning to become the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards. They are muddling along, simultaneously hard to fully invest in but not so without hope that they can be completely dismissed.

All of the following are true: The Redskins are 2-2, with neither a winning nor a losing streak yet. They appear capable of winning or losing any of the remaining games on their schedule. They lost by more than three touchdowns in their first prime-time appearance of the year. And they lead the NFC...

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