Penguins fans give Ryan Shazier a standing ovation, and he stands for the fans
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By Curt Popejoy

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier attended Tuesday’s Pittsburgh Penguins game, and the crowd was excited. During a break in the game, the crowd gave Shazier a standing ovation, cheering on the Steelers linebacker.

And Shazier was so moved by it he stood for the fans.

A well-deserved STANDING ovation for this guy. Welcome to the game, Ryan Shazier! 👍

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The crowd erupted as Shazier, with some assistance, got to his feet and saluted the crowd. The entire city has rallied around Shaizer since his spinal cord injury during the season. He’s been making a steady recovery and is now rehabilitating from home.

Shazier’s future is cloudy at this point. But no matter how long it takes for him to get back, if he ever does, he’s clearly always going to be a Steeler.

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