Patriots: What are the best fantasy football options on the team?
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By Patrick Morgan

Judging off an initial projection of the 2019 New England Patriots roster, which players might represent the team’s top options in fantasy football this year?

As anyone who has played fantasy football in the past decade can attest, the New England Patriots are a fascinatingly complex – and fascinatingly frustrating – team in the world of virtual gridiron gaming.

At first glance, the Pats should be a veritable treasure trove of prospects waiting to be mined. After all, this is a franchise that has double-digit season win totals in 17 of 19 years under head coach Bill Belichick. New England has appeared in half of the Super Bowls held over the past 12 years, and they’ve won the title in half of those six appearances.

Both quantitatively and qualitatively, the Patriots have been an NFL juggernaut since the dawn of the new millennium. And yet despite all that, the team has rarely offered slam-dunk picks in the realm of fantasy football.

Belichick is notorious for aggravating fantasy owners with his convoluted revolving door of running backs throughout the season; it’s a strategy that often bewilders opposing defensive coordinators to great success, but it’s also maddening if you’re a fantasy owner trying to pinpoint which Patriots running back is going to get the ball any given...

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