Patriots Rumors: Tom Brady has contract reworked to include incentives
/ Patriots

By Nick Ziegler

Recent Patriots rumors are about the details for Tom Brady’s recently reworked contract.

As we move toward the second week of the preseason, recent Patriots rumors are about the reworked contract for Tom Brady for the upcoming season. While Brady didn’t play in the first preseason game, as he deals with a minor back issue, he did reportedly get his contract reworked.

Since Brady is one of the best players in the NFL, he is vastly underpaid compared to other players in the NFL, especially quarterbacks. With some money still available, the Patriots recently reworked the contract of Brady in order to give him the opportunity to make some more money this coming season.

While many might have thought tight end Rob Gronkowski would have had his deal reworked first, it instead is Brady who got some more incentives in his contract. According to Alber Breer, here are the details of Brady’s reworked contract.

The new incentives will allow Brady to make another $5 million this coming season if he performs like he has over the past few years. Brady was in the Top 5 in the NFL last season in passing touchdowns, passing yards, completion percentage, yards per attempt, and quarterback...

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