Patriots PM Rundown Monday 3/8/2021
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Patriots draft profile: Garret Wallow has sky-high potential but needs time to develop

Wallow needs time to develop but has impressive upside. - Read More

Salary cap uncertainty may force NFL to push franchise tag deadline back

With no cap announced yet, the franchise tag window could stay open beyond Tuesday. - Read More

My crack at the offseason

First off, i used spotrac for my financial projections, particularly when i refer to market value. Its all a guess right now but i wanted to use somewhere out to try and maintain some realism.... - Read More

Patriots have met with Clemson WR Amari Rodgers multiple times

The Patriots obviously need to add help at receiver after a rough year in 2020. - Read More

Patriots conduct virtual interview with Tulsa LB Zaven Collins

Zaven Collins is a potential first-round pick. - Read More

Report: Jason McCourty plans to play in 2021, hit unrestricted free agency

The 33-year-old cornerback plans to continue his NFL career. - Read More

Should Patriots attempt to trade for Eagles Pro Bowl TE Zach Ertz?

The Eagles are reportedly engaging in talks of trading Zach Ertz. - Read More

Here’s why the Patriots shouldn’t trade anything for Jimmy Garoppolo

Football fans are desperately waiting for the next domino of the quarterback carousel to fall, and at this stage in the offseason there are several teams w... - Read More