Patriots Noon Rundown Friday 9/10/2021
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Patriots vs. Dolphins preview: Four matchups that could decide New England’s season opener

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Cam Newton opens up following his release from the Patriots

Newton says he was "absolutely" surprised by the Patriots decision to release him. - Read More

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Rob Ninkovich's 'playbook' comment didn't sit well with Cam Newton

“And that’s why I would just say what can he teach me when it’s coming at him faster than it was coming at me?” - Read More

Cam Newton says the Patriots 'are going to win games' with Mac Jones

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Cam Newton felt 'bamboozled' over COVID situation with Patriots

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Cam Newton reveals reason he was released by Patriots in tell-all video

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Julian Edelman couldn't have reacted more perfectly to Tom Brady's win vs. Cowboys

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Patriots QB Mac Jones has second-highest selling jersey heading into 2021

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Bart Scott claims the 'ceiling isn't that high' for Patriots QB Mac Jones

“Tell me the last Alabama quarterback who came into this league and took the league by storm.” - Read More

Cam 'absolutely' surprised by Patriots release

Free-agent quarterback Cam Newton said he didn't see his release by the Patriots coming and noting that he thought Mac Jones "would have been uncomfortable" with Newton as his backup. - Read More

Cam Newton says Mac Jones didn't beat him out for Patriots starting job

Cam Newton said Friday he doesn't believe Mac Jones beat him out for the Patriots starting job and that he was surprised at being released. - Read More

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Cam Newton: Patriots would've released me whether I missed time or not - ProFootballTalk

Cam Newton promised to share thoughts about his release from the Patriots with a “Funky Friday” video and he proved good to his word on Friday morning. Newton sat down with his father for a conversation on YouTube about his final days with the team, including the days of practice he missed after failing to [more] - Read More