Patriots Noon Rundown Friday 10/30/2020
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Bill Belichick doesn't see Julian Edelman's knee injury as season-ending

This could be good news, if the Patriots start winning games. - Read More

Morning sports update: Rob Ninkovich thinks Patriots’ season ‘over’ with a loss to the Bills

"If they lose this game, they're going to be sellers and try to get as many draft picks as possible." - Read More

Patriots embracing role of chaser after 3 straight losses

“Right now we’d be crazy to think coming into the game that we’re the team to beat." - Read More

Patriots: Tom Brady talks about why he continues to back Antonio Brown

Patriots legend Tom Brady talked about why he continues to support embattled WR Antonio Brown, who just signed a one-year deal with the Buccaneers. All foo... - Read More

Bill Belichick passes on "talk radio" chatter that Patriots will sell at trade deadline - ProFootballTalk

The Patriots reportedly will listen to trade offers for “almost anyone,” as should every team. Some teams may become even more motivated to sell, if they lose this weekend. Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked whether the Patriots will be “automatic sellers” at the trade deadline, if they lose to the Bills on Sunday. “I [more] - Read More