Path of Destruction: The Cleveland Cavaliers’ last gasp
/ Warriors

By Daniel Hardee

They are maintaining an external facade of power, but rotting from within.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by the historical greatness of LeBron James, started off as the maddeningly dramatic Final Boss that lurked at the end of the story for the New Warriors Order. The teams split two highly contested NBA Finals, with the Warriors overcoming a 2-1 deficit in 2015 to win:

And the Cavs upping the ante by coming back from a 3-1 deficit in 2016:

Last season, the two teams were dead-set on a collision course to meet in an unprecedented third straight finals, and the journey there was filled with competitive barbs:

And passive aggressive mind games, including a dummy of Curry’s body being used as a welcome mat at LeBron James’ Halloween party:

The Cavs and the basketball world spent a whole season trolling a stewing Dub Nation with “3-1” jokes. Cleveland’s championship rings even had a “3-1” reference encrusted in jewels. How charming.

Needless to say, at their zenith, Cleveland stood as a frustratingly gritty rival: the Salieri to the Warriors’ Mozart, or perhaps the Professor Moriarty to our Sherlock Holmes....

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