Parsing the Dennis Schröder dilemma
/ Hawks

By Zach Hood

As the 2018 NBA Draft nears, the Atlanta Hawks and general manager Travis Schlenk are focused preparing for what will surely be the most important Hawks’ draft in recent memory. With four out of the first 34 (3, 19, 30, 34) sections in the draft on June 21, Atlanta has opportunity to right the ship for the long haul and the flexibility to essentially move to any spot in the lottery to maximize their returns. It’s an exciting time to be around the organization, for most at least.

Starting point guard Dennis Schroder shared a less enthusiastic set of thoughts, which after being translated from German, essentially relayed the message that Schroder is less than content with surroundings. However, considering his contract situation and the fact that the Hawks rebuilding phase is far from complete, the team may not be content to keep Schroder around anyway, to put it lightly.

On the surface, it may seem easier said than done to move Schroder for a decent return. In reality, the deal will most likely have to be a salary dump in which the Hawks use some of their positive assets to offset his contract. Atlanta could also take back another unfavorable contract, essentially swapping their bad money for someone else’s. On top of the monetary complications dealing Schroder entails, he has a pending felony charge in Dekalb County....

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