Panthers tied with Seahawks for 14th-best Super Bowl 53 odds
/ Panthers

By Tim Weaver

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles, who dethroned the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl yesterday to become the new NFL champions.

Looking forward to next year’s big game, it looks like they’re already getting disrespected, though. According to the experts at Odds Shark, the Eagles have only the second-best odds of winning Super Bowl 53, slightly lower than the Patriots.

Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers were tied with the Seattle Seahawks at 25/1, which is the 14th-best odds in the league. That seems a bit harsh for both teams from where we’re sitting, given their success in recent years and playoff experience.

Anyway, here’s a look at the complete odds for all 32 teams.

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New England Patriots +500

Philadelphia Eagles +700

Green Bay Packers +800

Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Minnesota Vikings +1200

Los Angeles Rams +1750

San Francisco 49ers +1800

Houston Texans +1850

New Orleans Saints +1850

Jacksonville Jaguars +2000

Atlanta Falcons +2000

Dallas Cowboys +2000

Oakland Raiders +2100

Carolina Panthers +2500

Seattle Seahawks +2500

Kansas City Chiefs +3000

Los Angeles Chargers...

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