Padres Noon Rundown Monday 10/11/2021
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Ron Washington wants to be the next manager of the San Diego Padres

The current third base coach of the Atlanta Braves believes he is the man who can take the Padres over the hump. Does A.J. Preller also think so? - Read More

What If …  The Rockstar GM Never Made A Trade?

After drudging through a putrid second half of baseball in San Diego, Padres fans again find themselves watching the playoffs from the periphery, dreaming about what could have been. Going into... - Read More

1 Flaw Every Top Young MLB Star Needs to Fix This Offseason

Young talent has been and still very much is all the rage in Major League Baseball, but even the game's best young players can still get better.   As for how? Well, we have ideas for 10 of them... - Read More