Pacers preseason final score: Bulls dominate Pacers 104-89
/ Pacers

By Nathan S.

Following their exciting win against Cleveland, the Indiana Pacers wrapped up their 2018 preseason the exact opposite kind of way, getting blown out by the Chicago Bulls. The Pacers shot just 25% in the first quarter, improving slightly heading into the half, but by that point, it was obvious things weren’t going to go the Pacers way for the night.

Nate McMillan treated tonight’s game like a regular season one in terms of rotations but wasn’t given the showing he was hope to get. Shots were short, movement was stagnant, passes weren’t sharp, and the defense was constantly a step slow against an energized Chicago offense that shot the ball well.

Nothing spoke more to Indiana’s lack of energy than being outscored much of the game in fast break points and allowing 18 turnovers to become 29 points for the Bulls. The Pacers also only forced 14 turnovers on Chicago, including just six steals, a number Indiana only reached 21 times last season.

To be fair, Indiana did play their entire preseason schedule on the road, wrapping up against Chicago on eight-day, four-game road trip. That may make this a good excuse, but could also be a case of foreshadowing as the Pacers will face four four-game road trips this season, though only one will reach eight...

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