Open Thread: The playoff rituals of a San Antonio Spurs fan
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By goodnight&GoSpursGo

The regular season is in the books ... and thank God for small favors. With the injuries, drama, struggles on the road, and inconsistency, it is nice to have finally put 2017-18 behind us. But now the “real” season begins - THE PLAYOFFS. In a recent Open Thread, Jeph Duarte asked Pounders for their playoff rituals. I wanted to share mine.

Since I first started following the Spurs, I have made it a habit during the playoffs to always wear a Spurs shirt on game day, or if I can’t because of work dress code, at least Spurs colors. I have accumulated about 15 different shirts that get rotated in and out (much like the Silver and Black’s starting line-up), but I have a favorite that I make sure to wear for really important games. It’s soft, comfy, and feels lucky. I also make sure I have my iced tea in my Spurs embellished cup (shhhhh, it’s a big coffee company cup that I added a Spurs sticker to, don’t tell).

Another, more recent ritual comes from my heritage. I’m from a traditional Hispanic Catholic family that still practices the ritual of lighting prayer candles for divine intervention. Considering that my “real” job is a year by year contract, I’ve also gotten into the habit of lighting a candle to St. Jude, the Miracle Worker to at least allay my stress about getting re-hired every year. So, two years ago, while shopping at the grocery store in San Antonio, I found a candle to add to my playoff...

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