Omari Spellman enjoys productive outing in Hawks loss to Blazers
/ Hawks

By Glen Willis

On Thursday evening, the Atlanta Hawks fell to the Blazers for the second time this week in Las Vegas Summer league action. Although they were playing very short-handed, they were able to largely keep pace until the final couple of minutes of the third quarter, when Portland achieved an insurmountable lead. The final score would be 95-69 as the Blazers, with the deeper and more experienced roster, simply outlasted Atlanta in this game.

Omari Spellman took on a lot of responsibility, especially on the offensive end of the court, as the Hawks starting group lacked a natural point guard. Junior Robinson would offer 24 minutes of productivity off of the bench, but Spellman took the leadership role from the beginning. He scored 20 points on just 17 shooting possessions, including hitting three of his six three-point attempts. He also had five rebounds and three assists. Robinson had 11 points and a lone assist on the evening.

Antonious Cleveland contributed 11 points on 12 shooting possessions while also amassing three rebounds and two assists. Alpha Kaba was impactful on both ends of the court and easily had a team best plus-minus of -1. He had six points, nine rebounds, two steals and a blocked...

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