OKC Thunder season preview roundtable Q5: Can improvements be gained in shooting efficiency

By Tamberlyn Richardson

T.I. counts down to the OKC Thunder 2018-19 tip via a preseason roundtable. The focus shifts to expectations for shooting efficiency at the stripe and the arc.

A year ago the three greatest issues for the OKC Thunder were 3-point percentage (24th), free throw efficiency (29th) and assists (28th). Seemingly the assist issue should improve, but has Sam Presti done enough (or the players themselves this offseason) to address their shooting woes fro the perimeter and the stripe? What are realistic expectations in these areas – and what do you think may provide the greatest concern for the squad?

Missing free throws is a crime in the NBA and the OKC Thunder were once one of the best teams at converting at the line. The Thunder should improve in this area overall especially since Dre is out for an extended period of time. He is a fantastic defender but its truly a lottery when he goes to the line. If Russ gets back to his career average (81.4) after a horrid free throw performance last season (73.7 percent), OKC will improve. The addition of Schroder and TLC also help as both shoot above 80 percent at the line. Oklahoma City should finish middle of the pack this year is these render...

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