Oakland Raiders: The franchise’s all-time team
/ Raiders

By John Buhler

The Raiders are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL. If we made an all-time team with the best to wear the Silver and Black, here’s what it looks like.

When you’ve been around as long as the Raiders have, you’re bound to have some elite football talents grace their presence on your roster. From the days back in the AFL, to the 14-year tenure in Los Angeles, to the last 22 years in Oakland, to whatever lies ahead for this renegade NFL franchise, the Raiders will commit to excellence.

Simply put, one cannot tell the story of the NFL without several chapters about the Silver and Black. The late Al Davis had done more to grow this game than most NFL owners. It hasn’t always glittered like gold for Raider Nation, but so much of the past is celebrated and the future is blinding bright for this team.

What we’re going to do get this football season on the right track is to take a look back on some of the very best to have worn the Silver and Black. The Raiders’ all-time team could hang with anybody’s. Here are the 24 Raiders legends and one unforgettable coach that made the cut to make this all-time...

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