Oakland Raiders: 15 best first-round picks all-time
/ Raiders

By John Buhler

KANSAS CITY, MO – JANUARY 03: Free safety Charles Woodson No. 24 of the Oakland Raiders walks off the field following the Raiders 23-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the game at Arrowhead Stadium on January 3, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

When a team has been around as long as the Oakland Raiders have, there are bound to be some great picks atop the draft. Here are the 15 best first-rounders.

The quickest way to success on the football field is having success in the war room. While not every draft pick pans out, it is immensely important to hit on first-round guys because of the money they’ll command from that high of a draft selection.

Fortunately for a storied franchise like the Oakland Raiders, the team has hit on a bunch of great players at the top of the draft. Are there whiffs along the way? Absolutely, as every NFL franchise has at least a few massive busts with a former first-round pick. Even a guy with all the talent in the world may not have the work ethic or be mentally prepared to compete at a high level...

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