NFL Week 6 game-by-game predictions: Jaguars top Cowboys in panel predictions
/ Cowboys

By Dave Halprin

Week 6 kicks off tonight with an NFC East clash. Before that happens we need to get our Week 6 picks posted for your viewing pleasure and mockery.

So far, Dave Halprin leads our panel with a 50-26 record (with two tie games thrown out), and Michael Strawn is close on his heels at 48-28. There is still plenty of time left in the 2018 season for the rest of the panel to make their move.

This week, the panel turns against the Cowboys, with only the two Dave’s (Halprin and Howman) plus OCC picking Dallas over Jacksonville. Philly is a 7-3 favorite over New York tonight, and Washington are unanimous underdogs to Carolina on Sunday.

The panel is evenly split 5-5 on three different games this week: the Chargers at Browns (my how times have changed when Cleveland gets that much backing), the Ravens at the Titans, and the big game of the week, the Chiefs at the Patriots.

Here are all of the picks for Week 6:

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