NFL salary cap sets 2018 RFA tenders for teams
/ Ravens

By Matthew Stevens

With the NFL releasing the 2018 salary cap, we now know how that effects everything else. The franchise tag numbers are set as are the restricted free agent costs. Here’s the breakdown of each of the tenders a team can apply to an RFA:

2018 RFA Tenders
Low: $1.907M
2nd Round: $2.914M
1st Round:$4.149M

— Joel Corry (@corryjoel) March 6, 2018

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NFL teams can apply three different tenders to pending RFAs that set both a salary and what another team would have to give up to sign them away. Of course, any team that has tendered an RFA has the right of first refusal to match the offer sheet given by another franchise. But if they do turn it down, the other team has to give up the appropriate-round pick in exchange.

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