NFL Playoff Tracker: Dallas Cowboys face long odds for postseason play
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By One.Cool.Customer

Here on Blogging The Boys, we’ve been tracking the Cowboys’ playoff chances since Week 1, even though there were some questions about why we would be talking about the playoffs after losing the season-opener. The Cowboys are now 2-3, and we continue with our weekly look at the Cowboys’ playoff odds.

This week, we’ll start by looking at how the Cowboys’ Super Bowl odds have developed over the last six weeks, even if this may not be for the faint of heart, and as an added bonus, the chart below also includes the Super Bowl odds for the other NFC East teams. Think of this as a kind of Vegas Power Ranking.

The Super Bowl odds for the Cowboys have all sorts of assumptions built in, like the strength of schedule, injuries, and even the amount of money being wagered on the outcome. Similarly, when you look at the playoff odds provided on numerous other websites, they all contain various assumptions about the strength of the team, the schedule, and many other things.

The odds for the Cowboys in the table above haven’t been going in the right direction, and for those still left with some hope for the season, the hope is that these odds have bottomed out and will improve again at some point as the Cowboys claw their way back into postseason...

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