NFL picks and predictions, Week 6: Patriots favored slightly over Chiefs
/ Chiefs

By Jacob Harris

The latest picks and predictions are out from NFL analysts and experts and the Patriots seem to be favored over the Chiefs for the most part.

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a Week 5 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars that was impressive not because of their offense, but their defense stepping up and forcing five turnovers. The New England Patriots are coming off an easy Thursday Night Football win where Tom Brady finally had Julien Edelman back, and have had an extra three days to prepare for the Chiefs when they come to Foxborough on Sunday night.

Despite the Chiefs being undefeated and the Patriots sitting at 3-2, New England is still slightly favored to win this week by the experts across sports media.

This should come as no surprise, despite K.C. seemingly having New England’s number (at least in the regular season). The Patriots are virtually unbeatable at home and are ultra-dangerous with the extra post-Thursday Night Football prep time. The Chiefs are also banged up on defense, which isn’t good for a team that has already given up the most yards per game ever through the five...

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