NFL needs to change its rule on jersey numbers
/ Redskins

By By Peter Hailey

The NFL's pass interference rule, and on a larger scale its use of instant replay, is obviously complex and a topic that needs to be figured out. So, too, is the league's overtime procedure, which could use tweaking depending on whom you ask. 

But if you're looking for lengthy dissertations on those subjects, you're lost. Like really, really lost. You've arrived to a story about rules in football, sure, but this story is dealing with a different discussion entirely.

It's time to talk about jersey numbers. More specifically, why the NFL needs to relax with its restrictions on jersey numbers. 

The Competition Committee has made some important exceptions in recent years — receivers can now wear numbers in the 10-19 range in addition to digits in the 80s, for example — but still, the system that's in place is largely unnecessary and should, for the most part, be scrapped. 

Let's put it in simple terms: Skill players should be able to wear what they want. Defensive backs should be able to wear what they want. Guys in the front seven should be able to wear what they want. Even specialists should be able to wear what they...

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