NFC Beast report: Does anybody want to win this division?
/ Cowboys

By Michael Strawn

So, we all know the Cowboys had a bad night Sunday, losing for the third time in five games. The thing is, the team’s odds of winning the NFC East actually increased (according to Football Outsiders).

That’s because all of the Cowboys’ division rivals also lost in week five. This leaves the NFC Least in a sad state of affairs. Consider:

And it’s not like the division was going up against a bunch of NFL titans. The NFC East’s four opponents headed into week five with a collective 11-10 record and emerged with a collective 15-10 record. It was a collectively embarrassing effort. Here are the averages from the four games:

In short, it’s really ugly right now. Which is terrific for Cowboys’ fans. Generally a 2-3 record after five games means having to make up multiple games to catch the division leader. Not so for the NFC East teams.

Everything about the above table just screams mediocrity. Outside of the Giants, these aren’t terrible numbers, they’re just not very good. Here’s Football Outsider’s odds for each team for winning the division, earning a wild card spot, making the playoffs and earning a one-six conference playoff...

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