New York Giants: Thankfully Russell Wilson saga is over
/ Giants

By Curt Macysyn

Ironically, blogs are often accused of posting “click bait”, but New York Giants beat writers are clearly the ones who furthered unfounded speculation about quarterback Russell Wilson.

Originally, the Russell Wilson to the New York Giants rumors started on television, but then became fodder for the print media outlets to write. The G-Men made a convenient target because any team that trades Odell Beckham would almost certainly be open to another blockbuster deal.

I suppose that’s linear thinking, but it also came absent any firm football foundation to build upon.

The national media got involved with Peter King of NBC Sports and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk weighing in. King wrote in generalities about Wilson’s contract in his article. In fact, he actually dismisses a trade to the New York Giants.

Per NBC Sports:

“I do not believe Wilson is pushing for a trade right now, to the Giants, or anywhere. I believe he wants to work out a deal with Seattle. I believe Wilson wants to know where he stands with the Seahawks long-term, which is one of the reasons why he is pushing hard for a deal to be done...

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