Nets 113, Knicks 107: Scenes from a fake comeback that was actually fun

By Alex Wolfe

That game was way more fun than any preseason game has any right to be.

The Knicks spent basically the whole game trailing the Nets in this one, but some strong play from Frank Ntilikina and Mitchell Robinson in the early part of the game made the scoreboard seem like an afterthought.

Then the Knicks went down by over 20 in the fourth quarter, and it seemed like garbage time was in effect. Little did we all know that Luke Kornet was on one tonight. The end-of-the-benchers made a furious comeback but fell just short, losing 113-107.

So yeah, Frank Ntilikina. The kid had the goods tonight. A stat-sheet-stuffing nine points, five assists, four boards and a steal for the French Army Knife:

And Big Meetch showed some of that otherworldly athleticism of his again in his first start of the preseason:

And then the comeback, which featured a large dose of Luke Kornet heroics:

And a “ehhhh maybe he hit his head a little but I think that was a clean block” foul call:

Turns out, fake comebacks are kind of fun when they don’t matter at...

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