Nets 113, Knicks 107: Later, preseason.

By Jonathan Schulman

The pre-season has concluded; the Knicks went 3-2. Thank goodness it’s over! Wednesday night the Knicks will officially start the 2018-19 campaign. As for their final game here, the Knicks had loads of issues. Fouling, taking a barrage of mid-range pull ups, confusion on defense. It wasn’t until the ever-tumbling Emmanuel Mudiay got in with about eight minutes left in the fourth that the Knicks went on a rampage. Luke Kornet was canning and labeling triples and the Nets (who had their starters in) looked like a team that wasn’t certain how to close out a game. Luckily for them, they had a big enough lead and were able to fall into a revenge win after the Allonzo Trier pulsar game.

Alley Oopsies... Mitchell Robinson is apt to make highlight plays and some dimly lit mistakes. He got the start tonight and had some OK production. Nice to see him getting three assists and two blocks. Not nice to see him barely wisp a defender’s jersey when setting screens. He also tossed up an outrageous 17-foot airball. It almost felt like the shot you take at the park when you realize at the last second — oh, crap, this ball was dribbled in bird poop. Here he is unable to oop some alleys....

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