Need to Know: Setting the early odds on the 2018 Redskins
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By By Rich Tandler

Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, February 6, 36 days before NFL free agency starts.


Days until:

—NFL Combine (3/1) 23
—NFL Draft (4/26) 79
—2018 NFL season starts (9/9) 215

What the Redskins can learn from the Super Bowl

The 2019 Super Bowl odds are out. According to, the favorites to win Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta about a year from now are the New England Patriots at 5/1, followed by the Packers and Eagles and 9/1. The Redskins? They’re down with the Giants in the bottom 10 at 50/1, behind the 18/1 Cowboys.

Since those odds are out, it can’t be too early to get out the $100 in imaginary poker chips and put them down on how the Redskins might finish the coming season. Here we go!

0-6 wins, $10—They got Alex Smith precisely because they wanted to stay out of this territory. They will be getting a good influx of talent off of the injured reserve list and at least a few of last year’s 10 draft picks should step up and contribute more. That should keep them out of double-digit loss territory for a fourth straight season for the first time since...

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