NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings interested in signing Nick Young
/ Kings

By Tyler Watts

NBA Rumors suggest that the Sacramento Kings are interested in signing veteran wing Nick Young for the upcoming season.

NBA rumors come out on almost a daily basis this time of year and fans never quite know which ones to believe.  A surprising rumor regarding the Sacramento Kings has surfaced in recent days, and it appears not to be going away.  The Kings are reported interested in signing veteran wing Nick Young.

Darren Wolfson first broke the news in the Tweet below.

Other reports of interest have surfaced on various sites, but most link back to Wolfson, so it remains unclear how interested that the Kings are in acquiring Swaggy P.

Nick Young is a vibrant personality who would inject more energy into a young Kings squad.  He would also bring some veteran presence at age 33 with 11 years of NBA experience under his belt.  Swaggy P has proven to be an above league 3-point shooter with the ability to create his own shot and be some instant offense off the bench.

The Kings continue to search for another wing to add, and Nick Young fills that...

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