NBA Free Agency: Isaiah Thomas signs with Nuggets for vet’s minimum (why not the Magic?)
/ Magic

By Mike Cali

The Isaiah Thomas to Orlando rumors had certainly died down, but now they are officially dead.

According to Woj, the free agent point guard has signed with the Denver Nuggets...

What’s more surprising than the fact that Thomas signed elsewhere is how little he signed for. Woj reports that Thomas, who just about a calendar year ago would have been considered for a max contract, signed a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum of $2 million.

That begs the question, if IT was available at that price, why didn’t Orlando make more of an effort to sign him? With the Magic in need of a proven point guard and scorer, and with Thomas seeking a team that can offer a role that satisfies his high-volume shooting needs, they seemed a perfect marriage on a short-term basis. But...

Perhaps if the Magic were willing to give Thomas a few extra million of the mid-level exception that they still have available, he would have been more than willing to play on a rebuilding team rather than a playoff team.

Thomas, recovering from hip surgery, will now be coming off the bench for a Nuggets’ team who’s ceiling is probably the first round of the Western Conference...

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