NBA changes rules for two-way contracts to allow more time for players
/ Warriors

By Brady Klopfer

With the season set to begin in just a few days, the NBA has announced a minor tweak to the rules regarding two-way contracts. Per a report, travel days will no longer be included in the 45 days of service that a two-way player is allowed.

This is unquestionably a good move. The 45 days of service time are meant to limit how much a player can impact the NBA team before given a full contract - which comes in the form of games and practices, not flights. This will allow the players on two-way contracts to get more out of their NBA service time, while not having to deal with as hectic of travel schedules.

A change in rules certainly benefits the Golden State Warriors, who figure to rely heavily on their two-way contracts this year. A year after using Quinn Cook in 33 regular season games, and guaranteeing his contract so he could play in the postseason, the Warriors are entering the season with just 14 roster spots filled. One of those roster spots belongs to DeMarcus Cousins, meaning the team will effectively have 13 roster spots...

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