Mystery behind Josh Norman's benching gets solved, per report
/ Redskins

By By JP Finlay

Jay Gruden explained that a halftime disagreement led to benching Josh Norman for the opening series in the second half of the Redskins one-sided loss in New Orleans. 

Nobody knew what the disagreement was about, until now. 

Kevin Sheehan, formerly of the Cooley & Kevin radio show on The Team 980 and now hosting his own podcast, reported that during halftime Norman put on headphones while the coaches addressed the team. The story continues that Norman was asked to take the headphones off, and he either did not hear the request or refused the request. At that point, the headphones were removed for him. (Listen to the full audio here)

On the surface level, the story checks out. 

Gruden made clear that Norman wsn't benched for his play, despite a blown coverage that led to a long touchdown pass just before halftime. 

Speaking on the Redskins Talk podcast earlier in the week, Gruden explained:

"It wasn’t all Josh. We had blown coverages all across the land. It was just something between Josh and I at halftime that I needed to cool him down for a bit. So I did for a...

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