Minnesota Vikings 2018 season offseason forecast: Quarterbacks
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By Adam Carlson

The quarterback position for the Minnesota Vikings is completely up in the air entering the 2018 NFL season and the team will need to make some movies.

The Minnesota Vikings finished the 2017 NFL season with an impressive stable of quarterbacks and a lot of depth that allowed them to make it all the way to the NFC Championship Round of the playoffs.

However, the future of nearly all those passers are up in the air entering the 2018 season and considering the importance of the position the decision of the franchise could have a massive impact on not only the upcoming season but the ones following it.

Let’s take a look at the four quarterbacks who finished the year with the Minnesota Vikings and what their status is this offseason.

The Vikings can’t feel comfortable with just Sloter on their roster as the starter. His lack of experience and raw ability make him an interesting project quarterback, but Minnesota needs to find a starting caliber player.

If Bridgewater’s contract tolls and he is under contract for 2018, he will immediately become the team’s starting quarterback. If that doesn’t happen, the search for a new passer should begin as soon as...

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