Miles Bridges is a proven player ready for the next level
/ Mavericks

By Jordan Brodess

Miles Bridges, the high flying sophomore from Michigan State, spent a second year with Tom Izzo in East Lansing with dreams of a title run (and maybe improving his draft stock some). He seemed to really enjoy his time as a Spartan, wanted to prove to everyone around him that his freshman season wasn’t a fluke, and that he could take on the role of primary playmaker.

It remains to be seen if he did anything to improve last summer’s draft stock, but what is clear is Miles Bridges is a proven talent with a clear role in today’s NBA. The team that drafts him will get a player ready to contribute day one. Not to mention, he’ll provide some highlight reel dunks along the way.

Measuring in at just under 6’7, 220 pounds, with a 6’9.5 wingspan at the Combine in May, Bridges has an NBA frame prepared to take on the rigors of the pro schedule. In his sophomore season Bridges averaged 17 points, seven rebounds, and almost three assists per game, shooting 36 percent from deep. He led the Spartans in points and minutes, was a consensus 2nd Team All-American, and was the go-to leader for a team that went 30-5 on the season but underachieved in the...

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