Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill and big money for wide receivers
/ Chiefs

By Matt Conner

New Orleans Saints wideout Michael Thomas reportedly wants $22 million annually. How much will that affect Tyreek Hill’s extension?

Every NFL contract extension these days is setting record highs at almost every position, so it’s not surprising that Michael Thomas wants to do the same at wide receiver. The New Orleans wideout reportedly wants $22 million annually to stay in the Big Easy for the foreseeable future, and both sides seem close enough to make something happen around that neighborhood.

In short, Michael Thomas should have a record deal in short order—to the tune of $20 million per year.

[Let’s get one thing clear at the top of this column: the full scope of any and all investigations around Tyreek Hill’s family are not yet settled and anything is still possible in terms of repercussions. For our purposes, we’re leaning into the idea that he’s going to be back with the team for the long term. We realize this premise could be a faulty starting point.]

What does Thomas’ looming extension mean for a player like Tyreek Hill?

If Hill serves out a suspension and returns to form with the Chiefs, it’s likely that the surrounding drama of this offseason begins to fade from the bright lights of primetime wins and playoff hopes. Hill was already well on his way to a shiny new extension this offseason as well, along with defensive lineman Chris Jones and, potentially, cornerback Kendall Fuller. Unfortunately when Hill’s future was called into question (not just with the team but with the NFL), the contract became the last thing anyone was worried...

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