Miami Heat: What will Bam Adebayo’s sophomore year look like?
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By Lauren Gewirtz

Bam Adebayo‘s sophomore year with the Miami Heat could shape up to be something spectacular.

After not playing in the first three preseason games for the Miami Heat, Bam Adebayo put on a show Wednesday night, in his second game of the preseason.

He played 27 minutes, finishing with 26 points on 11-for-17 shooting from the field, 12 rebounds, three blocks and five steals in the Heat’s 140-128 win over the New Orleans Pelicans.

This was all in the absence of starting center Hassan Whiteside — giving a clear view of the impact Adebayo could have on the Heat this season.

Last season, Adebayo averaged 6.9 points in 19.8 minutes, over 69 games.

He said talking to reporters after Wednesday’s win, that he feels like a lot better player this season.

“I feel more comfortable, feel more assertive. I’m just out there having fun, playing free now.”

‘Playing free’ is all the Heat could want out of a second-year player with that much potential.

He could see more minutes as well, depending on how aggressively Whiteside performs during his time on the court.

In the second half of last season and into the playoffs, Whiteside did not play at the level he was expected...

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