Miami Heat: Is 2018-19 the team’s make-or-break year?
/ Heat

By Brandon Johnson

The Miami Heat return 14 players to its full-time roster in 2018-19, but is the team destined for a repeat of last season?

After a quick, 4-1 defeat in the first round of the 2018 NBA Playoffs, something needed to change with the Miami Heat.

Missed free-throws, questionable rotations and over reliance on franchise cornerstone Dwyane Wade, left the Heat firmly planted in the Philadelphia 76ers’ rear view mirror.

Throughout the regular season, the Heat played toe-to-toe with the Sixers, splitting the season series 2-2. Even with Hassan Whiteside playing at half-power and a fluctuating injury-reserve list, the Heat’s defensive prowess and crafty contributions kept the team competitive.

Come playoff time however, the Sixers became the well-oiled machine that was four years in the making; ending the season on a 16-game win streak, was the Sixers’ recipe for breezing past Miami.

The quick defeat served as a learning experience for a young team.

While Wade has seen the playoff mountaintop, many of Miami’s core players had not, at least not with the same level of responsibility as in 2018. Expectations were high, and while Miami certainly put up a fight (quite literally), the playoffs exposed the foundation on which the Heat have to build in...

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