Memphis Grizzlies 2018 NBA Draft Prospect Profiles: Grayson Allen
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By pfleming15

I know what you’re going to say.

I would hate for Grayson Allen to be on my team.

He’s such a punk!

Did you see his tripping?

I’m here to tell you that Grayson Allen’s tripping and maturity antics don't even tell a quarter of what he is as a basketball player. Underneath all the shenanigans is a real NBA player.

A gritty competitor.

A knockdown shooter.

An electrifying jammer.

A leader on the court.

And most importantly, a winner.

Grayson Allen had a decorated career at arguably the most prestigious program in college basketball history. As a freshman, he burst on to the scene out of nowhere to play a huge role in the team’s 2015 NCAA tournament run. Sophomore year, he became a go-to scorer for the perennial power Dukies— averaging 21.6 points a game. Allen passed on the NBA to graduate and to carry a leadership role on young Duke teams.

Grayson Allen carried the torch passed down from Christian Laettner and JJ Redick as “that Duke guy everybody hates.” Like Laettner and Redick though, Allen proved himself as a legitimate NBA-caliber player.

Can he carry on his success from college? What does his role look like in the NBA? Will he overcome the...

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