Melvin Gordon reveals fans get him mistaken for Todd Gurley "often"
/ Chargers

By Attila LS Gero

Chargers running back Melvin Gordon recently opened up to Adam Schefter on his podcast, “The Adam Schefter Podcast,” that he is often misidentified by fans for Rams running back Todd Gurley when he is out in LA.

“I hate getting called Todd, but you know it is what it is when you got another running back with dreads that plays up the street from you,” said Gordon.

He went on to state he is confused for either Gurley or Derrick Henry “very often” and even TMZ has made the mistake before too.

“I got in an argument with a girl because she thought I was Todd and I kept telling her no. She really thought I was Todd, she thought I was lying. I’m like this is getting out of control,” said Gordon.

Both running backs do share similarities in their career besides having dreads and playing in the City of Angels. In the 2015 NFL draft, Gordon was selected 15th overall, five spots after Gurley. They have both taken command of the starting jobs since they were rookies, leading their teams in rushing yards every year. Carrying the ball is not the only aspect they bring to their team’s respective offenses, as Gordon and Gurley led their teams in all-purpose yards last season as dual-threat weapons rushing and...

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