Marcus Morris calls T-Wolves ‘a little soft’ after Jimmy Butler tirade
/ Celtics

By Moke Hamilton

By now, everyone’s heard about Jimmy Butler’s epic tirade on Wednesday.

After a long hiatus from the team he requested a trade from, Butler showed up to practice and tore into his Timberwolves teammates and front office members.

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On Friday, caught up with Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris to discuss the drama.

Brown shares a trainer with Butler and is fairly close to him. He shared his opinion when asked whether the Celtics locker room could weather such a storm.

“I can’t speak for everybody, I can only speak for myself,” Brown said. “Jimmy knows what type of energy I bring. But it’s interesting to see in Minnesota, because it’s a different dynamic in this locker room. It definitely probably wouldn’t fly over here. Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris, Terry Rozier, Aron Baynes, me, yeah. We got something to say, we got a lot of fight in us. I think we showed that last...

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