Mailbag: College QBs, Colin Kaepernick, trades, more
/ Giants

By Ed Valentine

The more the New York Giants lose the more questions that raises about the future and how the organization will try to dig itself out of the mess the team has gotten into. Let’s try and answer some of those questions in this week’s Big Blue View mailbag.

Ed says: Rhett Ellison has a foot injury. I really don’t know how severe, or what the exact injury is. Here’s a question for you — don’t you think it’s kind of difficult to run two-tight end sets when you are running them with your third and fourth tight ends, or with a third-team tight end and a backup offensive lineman? Is that really the best personnel to put on the field?

Let’s also remember that the best pass-catching tight end they have, Evan Engram, has missed three games with a knee injury. That affects the personnel groupings.

For what it’s worth, through five weeks the Giants had used two tight ends 27 percent of the time, per Sharp Football Stats.

Ed says: Well, Harper, look at it this way. You’ve been hanging in there since the Giants last won the Super Bowl and six of the last seven seasons have been bad. Enjoy watching Saquon Barkley. Look for signs of progress. Enjoy those, and hang onto them. Also, remember this — the Giants have gotten this right and hoisted the Lombardi Trophy four times. No matter how bad it is right now, there are a lot of fan bases out there that would trade places with fans of the Giants in a...

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