Madden 20 ratings for the Redskins 2019 draft picks released
/ Redskins

By Jacob Camenker

Madden 20 ratings are going to be coming out in the coming months, and the ratings for the Redskins rookies are now officially here.

We’re officially approaching Madden season. The NFL video game from EA Sports drops in August before every NFL season and in recent years, player ratings have generated a high amount of interest among fans. And ahead of Madden 20, that will be no different.

Now into July, EA released the first player ratings ahead of their game’s launch, revealing the ratings of all players drafted in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Unsurprisingly, defensive players led the charge in terms of overall rankings, and Quinnen Williams was the only player to break the 80 overall mark. But despite having a couple of first-round picks, the Redskins only had one player among the top 20 in overall ratings.

Here’s a look at the ratings for the Redskins rookie class, per EA Sports:

Obviously, these numbers will change throughout the season and rookies tend to be graded on a lower scale to start. But, most of these ratings seem fair — even the O-line marks which tend to be low across the board in...

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