Los Angeles Lakers: Did Lonzo Ball’s diss track take it too far?
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By Jessica Slate

The Los Angeles Lakers are dealing with a situation they never thought they would have to deal with this offseason.

The Los Angeles Lakers are heading into one of their most important offseasons in recent memory. However, a rap beef is what is dominating the headlines.

Tupac vs. Biggie, N.W.A. vs. Ice Cube, and now Lonzo Ball vs. Kyle Kuzma? The West Coast is notorious for getting entangled in rap beefs, but Lakers’ young blood, Lonzo Ball may have stepped out of line.

The Lakers are no strangers to camaraderie this past season, with rookies Ball and Kuzma becoming instant friends after being drafted together in the first round. However, over the season they could be considered more ‘frenemies.’ With a handful of playful dialogues on social media, the duo consistently puts each other on blast.

One notable spat was in January 2018 when Lonzo and brother, Melo, thought Kuzma could use a new stylist:

Kuzma didn’t just sit back and take it with a smile though. Even Big Baller Brand got dragged into it:

Occasionally they would involve fellow youngin’s, Brandon Ingram or Josh Hart in the fun and...

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