Looking on the Bright Side of the Josh McDaniels Situation
/ Colts

By Andrew Ites

The whole Josh McDaniels situation is an embarrassing moment for the Colts organization, but it may have been the best thing for the franchise.

If Josh McDaniels wasn’t all-in on Indianapolis, then I’m glad he didn’t come.

Pro Football Talk reported on Super Bowl Sunday that there was “increasing chatter” that McDaniels was waffling on his decision to join the Colts. At that point, the Colts probably should’ve just pulled the plug on the whole thing, but they were too far down the road with McDaniels and they were the only NFL team who didn’t have a head coach in place for 2018.

Josh McDaniels reportedly made the decision that was “best for his family”. However, the Colts had already hired three assistant coaches who uprooted their families to work with him in Indianapolis.

We’ve already seen McDaniels in a head coaching position and it failed miserably in Denver. His temperament was terrible during his tenure with the Broncos, and there’s no guarantee that will change if he’s given another chance.

Also, the track record of Bill Belichick’s former assistants becoming head coaches has not been very...

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