Lonzo Ball says LeBron James raises the energy level for everyone around him
/ Lakers

By AnthonyIrwinLA

The Los Angeles Lakers have obviously already started to feel LeBron James’ presence on the court. He can do special things out there most other players simply don’t really consider doing because they lack the skill, basketball IQ and imagination.

James’ impact extends well beyond those abilities on the court, though, so long his new Lakers teammates don’t let themselves becomes fans just like everyone else watching.

Lonzo Ball touched on the discipline required to avoid that, via Spectrum Sportsnet.

“When you play with LeBron you have to make sure to keep playing because he’s easy to watch with some of the stuff he does. He had a monster first half and he’s the best player in the world, that’s what he does, but we have to keep focusing and keep doing our job.

And if you find yourself becoming a spectator? Lonzo says it’s not complicated.

“He just brings everybody’s energy levels up. If you don’t bring it, you’re going to be watching from the bench.”

It’s impossible to define, but the thing about greatness is it demands, at the very least, the effort to try to match that level. You just don’t want to let down someone as great at what they do as James is at basketball. And this phenomenon isn’t even unique to James. That’s just kind of how it works....

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